Biography Books Articles
(Partial list of over 100 articles)

1. “Big is Beautiful: A Defense of World Government” HISTORY REVIEW, 2005

2. “Globalism, Cosmopolitanism and the Prospects of World Peace and Justice” in War and Reconciliation, ed. Joseph Runzo, Cambridge University Press, 2005.

3. “A Defense of the Death Penalty” in Issues in Applied Ethics, eds. Andrew Cohen and Christopher Wellman, Blackwells, 2004.

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6. “In Defense of the Death Penalty” in THE DEATH PENALTY DEBATE, ed. Hugo Bedau, Oxford University Press, 2003.

7. “Justice As Desert” QUEENSLAND UNIVERSITY LAW and JUSTICE JOURNAL, vol.1.1, 2001.

8. “Strawman or Straw Theory?” A Response to Albert Mosley’s Critique of my “The Case Against Strong Affirmative Action,” INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR APPLIED PHILOSOPHY, vol. 13, 1999.

9. “Equality and Desert” in PHILOSOPHY, 72, 1997.

10. “Does Equality Trump Desert?”, in DESERT: A READER, eds. O. McLeod and L. Pojman, 1998.

11. “The Case Against Strong Affirmative Action”, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR APPLIED PHILOSOPHY, vol. 12, 1998. It  also appears  in William Shaw’s PERSONAL AND SOCIAL MORALITY, 4th ed., Wadsworth Publishing Co., 1998.

12. “Equality: A Plethora of Theories”, JOURNAL OF PHILOSOPHICAL RESEARCH, 1999.

13. “In Defense of the Death Penalty”, in JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHILOSOPHY,  VOL 11; Winter/Spring 1997.

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15. “Are All Humans Equal?: A Critique of Contemporary Egalitarianism” in EQUALITY: A READER, ed. Robert Westmoreland and Louis Pojman, Oxford University Press, 1996.

16.“Free Will, Determinism and Moral Responsibility” in Ethical Theory, ed. L. Pojman, Wadsworth, 4th and 5th editions, 2002, 2005.

17. “Are Equal Human Rights Based on Equal Human Worth?” PHILOSOPHY AND PHENOMENOLOGICAL RESEARCH, October, 1992, pp. 1-18; reprinted in Sterling Harwood, ed. BUSINESS ETHICS, Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 1995.

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20. “An Inegalitarian Thought Experiment” in PHILOSOPHY AND PUBLIC AFFAIRS, 1995 pp. 233-39.

21. “Do Animal Rights Entail Moral Nihilism” in PUBLIC AFFAIRS QUARTERLY, Vol 7.2, April 1993, pp. 165-186.

22. “Faith, Doubt and Hope” in CONTEMPORARY CLASSICS IN PHILOSOPHY OF RELIGION, eds. Ann Loades and Loyal Rue, Open Court, 1991, pp. 183-207 [selected by 22 leading philosophers of religion as one of the best papers in Philosophy of Religion in the second half of the twentieth century].

23. “A Reply to Michael Levin and Laurence Thomas' Views on Race and Crime”, JOURNAL OF SOCIAL PHILOSOPHY, 1993.

24. “Is Contemporary Moral Theory Founded on a Misunderstanding?” in JOURNAL OF SOCIAL PHILOSOPHY in volume 22, number 2, April 1992, pp. 49-59.

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28. “A Critique of Contemporary Egalitarianism,”  FAITH AND PHILOSOPHY, Vol 8.4. October, 1991, pp. 481-206.

29. “Gilbert Harman's Internalism and the Problem of Motivation”,  THE MODERN SCHOOLMAN, Vol LXIII.1, November, 1990, pp. 19-40.

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37.  “On Criteria for Rational Religious Belief,” in FAITH AND BEING, a Festschrift for John Macquarrie, edited by Eugene Long and Alastair Kee, SCM Press, 1986. This article has been reprinted in THE PHILOSOPHY OF RELIGION, ed. Yeager Hudson, Mayfield, 1990, and PHILOSOPHY AND RELIGION, E. L. Klemke, Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich, 1992.

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52. “The Logic of Subjectivity,” SOUTHERN JOURNAL OF PHILOSOPHY, Spring, 1981, vol.19:73-83.


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57. “Belief and Will,” RELIGIOUS STUDIES, vol. 14:1-14; 1978.
71987; in subsequent editions up through 2002.

59. “Pedaling Power: Sustainable Transportation” ENVIRONMENTAL ETHICS: Readings in Theory and Application, ed. Louis Pojman, Wadsworth Publishing Company, 1st.-4th editions, 1994-2005.

60. "Who's to Judge?" in Vice and Virtue in Everyday Life, 6e, Sommers & Sommers.Ⓒ 2003, Cengage Learning. Earlier version in: "Ethical Relativism Versus Ethical Objectivism: Who's to Judge what's Right & Wrong?" Ethics: Discovering Right and Wrong, editions 1 - 5, 1990-2006, Cengage Learning.

61. “The Moral Response to Terrorism” in TERRORISM AND INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE, James P. Sterba, ed., Oxford University Press, 2003.

(Partial list of over 125 lectures)

1. “ Globalism, Cosmopolitanism and the Prospects of World Peace and Justice” at the Cambridge University, May 26, 2003.

2. “The Moral Case for Institutional Cosmopolitanism” International Conference on Ethics in Bled, Slovenia, June 4, 2003.’

3. “Nationalism, Cosmopolitanism and Justice” Drew University, March 24, 2003.

4. “Bioethics and Cosmopolitanism” Yale University, December 18, 2002. (2 lectures)

5. “The Moral Response to Terrorism and the Cosmopolitan Imperative”, American University, Nov. 19, 2002

6. “The Moral Response to Terrorism and the Cosmopolitan Imperative”, College of New Jersey Nov. 11, 2002

7. “The Argument from Religious Experience” at Indiana State University, March 22, 2002.

8. “Evolutionary Ethics”, US Air Force Academy, February 21, 2002.

9. “Terrorism and Moral Heroism”, US Air Force Academy, February 20, 2002.

10. “The Moral Response to Terrorism and the Cosmopolitan Imperative”, US Air Force Academy, February 20, 2002.

11. “Philosophy in the 21st Century: The Great Chain of Being”, Utah Valley State College Undergraduate Philosophy Conference March, 23  2001.

12. “The Great Chain of Being: Religion, Science, and Philosophy” Templeton Lecture at Penn State University, Delaware County, March 15, 2001.

13. “The Philosophy of Bertrand Russell”, a lecture to the Philosophy Club at Utah Valley State College in Provo Utah, October 19, 2000.

14. Delivered the Admiral James B. Stockdale Lecture on Ethics and Leadership at the University of  San Diego, April 13, 2000,  “Moral Saints and Moral Heroes”. (Lecture at theThird Annual James Bond Stockdale Symposium in Ethics and Leadership).

15. “In Defense of the Death Penalty”, Emory and Henry College, March 3, 2000.

16. “Evolution and Utilitarianism”,  Emory and Henry College, March 4, 2000.

17. “Ethics and the Media” the keynote address on Ethics and the Media at the National Conference on Ethics and the Media held in Park City, Utah, October 25, 2000.

18. “Kant’s  Cosmopolitan Vision of Peace”  at the Kant (Nov. 2004)

19. International Conference of Philosophy, Tehran, Iran, November 2004